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Hard Work Doesn’t Make You Tired

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Hard work doesn’t make you tired, losing does.

Let’s all agree on this. Losing sucks.

I can speak from personal experience as I have done my fair share of losing last year. Last year I felt tired all the time because I let discouragement disable me. I became like a person who didn’t have abilities, skills and drive yet I have a lot of all three. I let myself become a loser even though I knew on the inside that I was born to Win.

But this year I have flicked the switch from ‘L’(Loser) to ‘W’(Winner).

I’ve found that losers don’t work hard. They are trying to preserve their energy (for what?). They always talk about things like a balanced life and forget about living a life filled with passion. They worry about what might go wrong and don’t even consider what can go right. They get to work at 8 (reluctantly) and they leave at 4:30, happy to go home. Happy about what? If you think like this, chances are you are not winning. It’s time to stop losing now.

The big change in my life this year is hard work. I get up at 4:30, I make my wife a great cup of coffee and give her a kiss like it’s the last one. I then pray to connect with my source of inspiration. I prepare the best porridge for my kids (they go Gagga for it). Then I start work like I’am on a mission. Because I am.

I am on a mission to make a difference. To develop new ideas. To train my staff how to think so that they can win. To help my customers to automate reporting and business processes and analyse data so that they too can win. To help my wife to organise the multitude of task a mom needs to take care of and my two amazing daughters to deal with relationships at school so that they can win. To help other people that’s not my family or staff or customers to win. They say give something to a busy person and it will get done. When you work hard, your capacity keeps growing because:

• your attitude improves
• you find ways of doing things more efficiently
• you empower people to help you
• you get more energy from winning.

Come on. Flick the switch from ‘L’ to ‘W’ today.
You were born a ‘W’.

Written by: 

Phillip De Jager Managing Director of ICS Flow

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